Wireless LAN Infrastructure (Wi-Fi)

Wireless LAN Infrastructure (Wi-Fi)

Flexibility is essential relating to WiFi security, such as the ability to support key security frameworks as zero trust, SASE, and network segmentation, as well as the ability to embrace the growing technology standards landscape such as WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E. Flexible WiFi networks must be engineered from the start to meet unanticipated performance demands for transporting rich media from both on-premises and cloud environments, especially as new and data-intensive applications come online.

In short, in order for WiFi networks to fulfill their potential as foundational technologies in the era of remote and hybrid work, organizations must ensure they are creating a future-proof environment—one that is capable of handling rapid change.

With our solution, organizations of all sizes benefit from greater flexibility to support ongoing change:
• A unified approach to network management that spans wired and wireless as well as campus, branch, and remote work environments for streamlined IT operations.
• Options to deploy cloud-based or on-premises management or opt for Network as a Service (NaaS).
• An innovative remote work solution known as EdgeConnect Microbranch that combines highperforming, reliable wireless connectivity with SASE and Zero Trust Security without the need for an
on-premises gateway.
• A full portfolio of WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E wireless access points to support indoor, outdoor, ruggedized, and small office/home office (SOHO) environments—backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
• AIOps spanning wired and wireless, with self-healing workflows and built-in recommendations to accurately identify and resolve issues rapidly.


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