Web and Email Isolation

Web and Email Isolation

Web isolation solution isolates browsing activity away from end user’s devices and onto remote, cloud servers that they operate. This server is completely separate from the user’s endpoint and business networks, meaning they are fully protected from any threats the user may come across in a browsing session.

Getting users to click on a malicious link embedded in an email is a tried-and-true tactic used by cybercriminals to gain access to critical business systems. Yet, traditional security solutions fail to identify, much less block, email-based attacks.

Rather than determining which links in an email are legitimate and which are not, organizations should just assume that all web content is risky and hosts potentially malicious content. The resulting zero-trust approach eliminates the need to make an allow-or-block determination based on coarse categorization. Instead, Email Isolation Solution renders all web content—including email links and attachments—in read-only mode, preventing any malicious content from ever reaching users’ devices, where it can do real damage.


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