Network Access Control (NAC)

IoT and remote workers are changing the way we think about network access control. Reduce your risk by applying consistent policies and granular security controls to your wired and wireless networks.

Firewall Optimization

After years of use, policies that control access become unwieldy. It grows increasingly difficult to manage and audit multi-vendor security devices across your hybrid enterprise. Your outdated controls can potentially compromise compliance and increase risk. For the best performance, stronger security and strict adherence to compliance, you need to start at the beginning with an assessment and cleanup of your existing base of security policies.

Web Secure Gateway

A secure web gateway (SWG) is a security solution that prevents unsecured internet traffic from entering an internal network of an organization. It is used by enterprises to protect their employees and users from accessing and being infected by malicious web traffic, websites with vulnerabilities, internet-borne viruses, malware, and other cyberthreats. It also ensures the implementation and compliance of the organization’s regulatory policy.

According to Gartner, a secure web gateway must, at a minimum, include URL filtering, malicious-code detection and filtering, and application controls for popular cloud applications, such as instant messaging (IM) and Skype. Native or integrated data loss prevention is also included. More recently, Gartner has identified CASB as a critical component of a security architecture that is increasingly based on the secure access service edge (SASE) framework.

Zero Trust Network Access

According to Gartner by 2022, 80% of new digital business applications opened up to ecosystem partners will be accessed through zero trust network access (ZTNA), and by 2023 60% of enterprises will phase out their remote access virtual private networks (VPN) in favor of ZTNA.

This new model uses a trust broker to mediate connections between a specific private application and an authorized user. It allows teams to begin with zero trust, but then provide connectivity based on context (identity, device etc.). Unlike VPNs, ZTNA technologies deliver a means of application access without network access, and the ability to mask applications from the open internet. Enterprises must now look to bake ZTNA into their security plans.

Next-gen Firewall

Effective protection is an absolute necessity in today’s rapidly growing threat environment, as is having a fast, reliable network.

Next-gen firewall (NGFW) is a high-performance network security appliance that adds intrusion prevention, application and user visibility, SSL inspection, and unknown threat detection to the traditional firewall.

  • Enforce security policies with granular control and visibility of users and devices for thousands of discrete applications
  • Identify and stop threats with powerful intrusion prevention beyond port and protocol that examines the actual content of your network traffic
  • Perform high-performance SSL inspection using industry-mandated ciphers
  • Proactively detect malicious unknown code using our cloud-based sandbox service
  • Provide you with real-time views into network activity with actionable application and risk dashboards and reports
  • Deliver superior multi-function performance by running on purpose-built appliances with custom ASICs