Edvance was appointed as Tempered Networks’ Distributor in Hong Kong and Macau

(Hong Kong, 3 October 2017) – Edvance International Holdings Limited (“Edvance International” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 8410), a leading IT security solutions value-added distributor in Hong Kong, announced that the Group was appointed by Tempered Networks, a provider of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) solutions, headquartered in the United States, to distribute the award winning IDN platform across Hong Kong and Macau.
Tempered Networks’ IDN architecture is the first to unify networking and security to overcome the challenges caused by today’s complex and inherently vulnerable networks. Its broad IDN product portfolio includes physical, virtual and cloud appliances, and client, server, and embedded software. IDN can be deployed anywhere with the industry’s most scalable encrypted fabric for connecting any IP resource, located anywhere in the world, over any existing private or public infrastructure.
The IDN fabric enables enterprise peer-to-peer networking that delivers global IP mobility and wide area micro-segmentation, making it easy to securely connect any IP resource, even previously non-routable end-points, across the hybrid datacenter. With IDN and its intuitive centralized orchestration console, any organization can instantly connect, cloak, encrypt, move, revoke or failover any networked resource, anytime, anywhere – simply, cost-effectively and safe from hackers and human error.
Tempered Networks’ proven solution enables customers to eliminate attack vectors by up to 90 percent, reduce provisioning and mitigation time by 97 percent, and lower CapEx and OpEx costs by as much as 25%. Tempered Networks and its IDN platform have received numerous awards, including CRN’s recent recognition as one of the Top 5 Coolest IoT Security vendors.
The technology was developed within a global Fortune 50 aerospace and defense company over ten years ago and recently commercialized for the broader market. Tempered Networks is led by a team of industry veterans, including Jeff Hussey, the founder of F5 Networks. Current customers include commercial, industrial and government agencies.
Mr. Raymond LIU, Chairman and Executive Director of the Group, stated, “Identity-defined Networking, as pioneered by Tempered Networks, allows enterprises to have a serious rethink on their network and security posture. Edvance International, with its roots in security, has in its history helped solved cybersecurity challenges through its suite of solutions. The idea that a self-secured network that bases trust on cryptographic identities, not vulnerable IP addresses takes security back to its root and solve security challenges from there. It offers tremendous opportunities, with modern organizations dissolving their boundaries, while refocusing on cybersecurity needs against vulnerabilities today in this evolution. Edvance International sees unparalleled market potential and is glad to be in partnership with Tempered Networks to drive a vital change for secure networking.”
Mr. Richard Ting, Vice President of APJ for Tempered Networks, stated, “We see an incredible growth potential for Tempered Networks’ solutions in the Hong Kong and Macau markets, as well as the greater Asia Pacific region. The technology we have developed is truly disruptive to the networking segment, providing value to enterprise businesses looking to simplify their networks, converge their OT/IT infrastructure, and provide an enhanced security posture for their IoT strategy. Network and security teams love our solution because they can now be more agile, while significantly reducing business risk and CapEx and OpEx. Instead of spending most of their time provisioning and maintaining complicated infrastructure–where every add, move, or change introduces risk–they can reclaim that time, provision or mitigate with certainty, and focus on business innovation.”


About Edvance International Holdings Limited (Stock code: 8410)

Edvance International is a leading IT security solutions value-added distributor in Hong Kong. The Group is specialized in delivering IT security services covering technical implementation services, maintenance and support services and consulting services as well as the provision of IT security products. The Group serves multiple markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the PRC and Macau with more than 300 clients including resellers which are mainly IT companies and end-users such as government organizations, public utilities, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, insurance companies and education organizations.

About Tempered Networks

Tempered Networks is the pioneer of Identity-Defined Networking (IDN). Our IDN architecture unifies networking and security, enabling enterprise organizations to get control over their complex networks and growing IoT connectivity demands. We bring a new identity-first approach that bases trust on provable cryptographic machine identity, not a vulnerable IP address, which allows customers to move from an archaic addressed-defined network to an identity-defined network. IDN empowers IT and operational teams to achieve secure peer-to-peer enterprise networking on demand, using any network transport–public or private. Our scalable fabric overlays existing infrastructure across the hybrid datacenter and is simple to manage through a centralized point-and-click orchestration console. For more information, visit

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