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Known as #GenMobile, they demand to stay connected to everything all the time, no matter where they are. To create an enterprise mobility experience that #GenMobile and IT can rely on and trust, Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks automate infrastructure-wide performance optimization and trigger security actions that used to require manual IT intervention. Mobility-Defined Networks control the dynamic enterprise mobility environment by correlating real-time data about users, devices, apps and location. Self-healing and self-optimization functions dramatically reduce helpdesk tickets and protect enterprise data. Aruba employs a software approach that extends enterprise mobility intelligence across wired and wireless networks all the way to users, devices and apps. This makes Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks amazingly easy to deploy without any changes to the existing infrastructure.


» Wired Access
    • In addition to built-in Layer 2, Layer 3, site-to-site VPN, and authentication capabilities, Mobility Access Switches forever eliminate traditional IT overhead required by legacy switches in the access network by employing the same role-based access policies for wired and wireless
    • Obtain a far simpler and more cost-effective wired access network that gives users consistent and secure access to network resources, no matter where they are, what device they’re using or how they connect
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» Remote Networking
    • Extend enterprise WLAN security and services from headquarters to users wherever they might be, including branch offices, home offices and traveling professionals on the road
    • Let your users work as they choose, without adding extra burden to the IT staff
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» WirelessLan
    • Operate at gigabit speeds and connect more devices and apps in the most crowded places.
    • Support patented ClientMatch™ technology to eliminate sticky clients and AppRF technology
    • The Overall Score Heat Chart gives administrators an intuitive, at-a-glance overview of the security status of each of the organization’s key systems
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» ClearPass Access Management
    • Works with any multivendor infrastructure and is easily extended to network security business and IT systems you already have in place
    • Delivers a wide range of self-service network security capabilities. Users can securely onboard their own devices, sponsor guest Wi-Fi access and even setup sharing for Apple TV and Google Chromecastk
    • The power of ClearPass network control comes from integrating ultra-scalable AAA with policy management, guest network access, device onboarding, device health checks, with a complete understanding of context
    • Leverages a user’s role, device, location, application-use and time-of-day to execute custom security policies, accelerates device deployments, and streamline network operations across wired, wireless and VPNs
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» AirWave Network Management
    • Employs a user-centric approach for #GenMobile, identifying who is connected, where they are connected, the mobile devices they’re using, and how much bandwidth devices are consuming
    • AirWave network management allows proactive capacity planning, client performance visualization and application issues troubleshooting
    • With AirWave, your entire distributed enterprise – from campuses to branch offices around town and around the world – are easily and efficiently managed through a single pane of glass, making it easy to keep your SLAs on track
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