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Thales’s Data Protection and Identity and Access Management solutions are trusted by the largest and most respected brands around the world to protect their data and intellectual property and provide secure access to applications and data. As the world leader in digital security, we ensure the authenticity of your banking transactions, safeguard your health records, protect the purchase of your morning cup of coffee, and help organizations to control risk, manage security, and maintain compliance.

Thales helps more than 30,000 organizations take a data-centric approach to their security, all the while controlling access to the infrastructure and applications they rely upon. Not only can they create trust and authenticity in their transactions, but they can ensure that sensitive data is protected and controlled — both on-premises and in public and private clouds. Our global Enterprise & Cybersecurity offer is made up of solutions from Thales eSecurity as well as the Gemalto portfolio of SafeNet digital security solutions.

» Data Encryption and Key Management

    Thales offers the only complete enterprise encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle. From the physical and virtual data center to the cloud, our solutions help organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control of their data. Our solutions for data encryption, key management and hardware security modules enable organizations to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environments and operate a robust, secure and scalable cryptographic infrastructure.

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» Identity & Access Management

    Our identity and access management (IAM) solutions allow organizations to meet the evolving needs around cloud applications and mobile devices. To do this we enable secure access to online resources and protect the digital interactions of employees, partners, and customers with market-leading strong authentication and digital signing products. Our cloud-based solutions utilize strong authentication, access management and single sign-on to allow enterprises to secure access to applications, data and services in the cloud or on corporate networks.  Our solutions include cloud or server-based management platforms, advanced development tools, and the broadest range of authenticators.

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» Cloud Security

    Thales has developed a comprehensive set of cloud security solutions so that businesses can enjoy the full benefits of cloud computing while maintaining control in virtual environments. Our solutions provide a data-centric approach, and allow for the expansion of the existing cloud computing security. Our access management, authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management solutions turn any cloud environment into a trusted and compliant environment by solving the critical challenges of data governance, control, and ownership - no matter where you store your data.

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