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ReSec Technologies

ReSec Technologies is an innovative cyber security company, overcoming the limitations of conventional anti-malware detection solutions by using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology. Focusing on complete prevention, ReSec’s ReSecure Platform is a multi-engine solution that treats every file as a threat, leaves the original file outside of the organization’s network, and delivers the end-user a threat-free and fully functional replica of the file in real-time.



The ReSecure Platform contains three processing engines that fully protect your network from known and unknown malware:


Key Product Benefits

  • Prevents known and unknown threats with minimal impact to BAU
  • Highly scalable with dynamic load balancing
  • Exceptional processing time leading to minimal latency
  • Integration with best of breed systems and management consoles
  • Easy deployment as on premise or cloud solution
  • Policy based platform allows IT to enforce policy per user or group of users via Active Directory

» ReSecure Mail

    ReSecure Mail is a powerful enterprise email solution providing superior protection and complementing existing solutions.

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» ReSecure Endpoint

    ReSecure Endpoint ensures safe transfers of documents from removable devices to end-user PCs.

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» ReSecure Kiosk

    ReSecure Kiosk is a highly secured hardened sanitization station that can be deployed and placed anywhere in the organization to provide complete protection from threats coming from removable devices. The organization is able to soften restrictive policies without adding any risk.

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» ReSecure File Transfer

    The ReSecure File Transfer suite protects organizations from files uploaded and downloaded into a designated directory or folder, whether from within the organization or from external sources.

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