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Cato Networks

The Dissolving Perimeter and Network Security Appliances Challenge

The dissolving perimeter is driven by the migration to the Cloud, and the massive growth in mobile users. Network security appliances were never designed to secure such a fragmented environment. The result is a complex architecture, littered with point solutions that are costly to deploy and maintain. It opens up organizations to attacks, as hackers can slip through the cracks of misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities. Moreover, the velocity of security threats surpassed the speed at which enterprises can adapt their existing controls, through software and hardware upgrades. To reduce costs and complexity, organizations often try to consolidate security controls and backhaul traffic, which increases networking costs and negatively impact the user experience.

The Cato Solution

Cato addresses the dissolving perimeter challenge by first re-establishing the network perimeter in the cloud so it is once again whole and simple, and then securing it. The Cato Cloud connects all branch location, the mobile workforce, physical and Cloud data centers, into a global, encrypted and optimized Cloud network. With all traffic, both WAN and Internet, consolidated in the Cloud, Cato applies a set of security services to secure the traffic inside the organization and to the Internet. The Cato Cloud is comprised of two complementary layers.

» Cato Cloud Network

    A global, optimized and secure enterprise network backbone

    A global, encrypted and optimized network of PoPs interconnected with tier-1 carrier links with multi-gigabit capacity. Unlike unmanaged internet connections, this backbone provides an MPLS-like guaranteed low-latency but at an affordable cost.

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» Cato Security Service

    All Traffic Secured

    Cato security services are deployed at each PoP and enforce the organization’s security policies on all traffic, including internal traffic between network participants and traffic going to and from the Internet.

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