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Secure Networking Made Simple

IDN gives you a unified networking and security architecture that delivers secure connectivity for any device, across any transport, in any location. It’s a proven alternative to traditional IT solutions and has been in production for over 12 years at a Fortune 100 company until recently commercialized for the broader market.

The IDN fabric is non-disruptive, can be deployed on-top of any IP network, and enables rapid provisioning and revocation of networking and security services that are managed in a highly dynamic and scalable way. Unlike traditional IP networking and SDN approaches, the IDN fabric requires few, if any, changes to the underlying network or security infrastructure, reducing the need for complex firewall rules, ACLs, VLANs, VPN policies and key management.

The outcome is a completely unique approach to networking that enables organizations to achieve superior security, agility and economics.

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» IDN Orchestration: The Conductor

    Simple Point-and-Click Policy Based Orchestration

    The Conductor is the orchestration engine that delivers centralized management of the IDN fabric and drives networking and security policies for HIP Services. As the intelligence behind an IDN deployment, the Conductor is designed to be extremely easy to use, even for staff without advanced technical training. You can now create hub-and-spoke or highly distributed mesh networks, without the traditional network challenges.

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» IDN Routing: The HIPrelay

    The World’s First Identity-Based Router

    Identity-based routing transforms how you network, provision, and secure devices and resources across remote, enterprise, and cloud infrastructures. It's now easy to deploy encrypted WAN micro-segments that are highly available and resilient, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. You can now instantly connect and secure privately addressed devices across separate networks, anywhere in the world, without constraint.

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» IDN Enforcement Points: HIPswitches

    Secure Connectivity for Machines

    Get the flexibility you need to connect and protect endpoints in any environment — from IoT devices in far-flung remote locations to servers in your datacenter — with HIPswitch hardware appliances. Acting as an IDN gateway, you can easily connect and protect devices that can’t network or protect themselves.

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» IDN Enforcement Points: HIPserver and HIPclient Software

    Secure Connectivity with Lightweight Software

    Securely connect cryptographically identified endpoints such as servers, laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones—all that’s needed is a simple, light-weight app on the device or machine.

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» IDN Enforcement Points: HIPswitch Virtual and Cloud Series

    Easily spin up and tear down VPC and VNET access controls

    The HIPswitch Virtual acts as an overlay gateway that secures devices so they can be instantly networked with other HIPservice endpoints. By removing the limitations of IP-based networking, IDN makes it's easy to spin up and tear down public or private cloud networks instantly. You can now deploy separate segmented and automated environments for development, test, staging, and production, with secure access from anywhere in the world.

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