The Most Widely Deployed Vulnerability Scanner in the World

Nessus is trusted by more than 20,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of users because it:

  • Runs in any environment: on-premises, cloud or hybrid
  • Supports more technologies than any other vendor
  • Scales from home use to the world’s largest organizations


Compliance and System Hardening Policies

Hundreds of compliance and system hardening policies (“audit” files) are now available directly from the Nessus UI via the plugin feed. Nessus users can access out-of-the-box policies for network gear, firewalls, storage devices, virtualization and cloud platforms, and a wide variety of major operating system platforms (including UNIX, Linux and Windows), and much more!


Compliance and System Hardening Policy Editor

Nessus v6 simplifies the customization of policies, enabling the user to tune various compliance and system hardening policy settings from within the Nessus UI.


Automatic Updating

The Nessus engine and UI can now be updated automatically, allowing you to deploy more Nessus scanners with less maintenance. Users can choose to enable complete automatic updates (Nessus engine, UI and plugins) or select to only receive plugin updates until such time an upgrade is desired.


Nessus RESTful API

Nessus v6 provides a standard and supported API for integrating Nessus into your vulnerability management workflow. The XMLRPC API has been replaced with a simpler RESTful API, complete with documentation and examples available from the Nessus UI.


New Policy Editor

Nessus v6 simplifies editing scan policies. Plugin preferences and policy settings have been reorganized to improve navigation and discoverability, allowing you to more easily define how Nessus will scan your assets!


Selective Host Re-Scanning

Once a scan completes, users can select individual hosts and launch a re-scan of all hosts (“Default”), only those hosts selected by the user (“Selected”) or specify a custom list of hosts (“Custom”).


Other Features & Enhancements

  • Cisco ISE Integration
  • Exporting Scan Results Workflow Improvements
  • Nessus Scanner Management Overview
  • Unified Scan View
  • New Compliance & System Hardening Policies
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Support