Features and benefits

With the full Riverbed Application Performance Platform, customers can expect to improve application performance on the order of 100x, reduce IT costs 50-80%, recover branch operations instantly, and increase agility by 150%. The Riverbed APP™ offers:

  • Application-specific visibility and control that recognizes, analyzes, and enhances the performance of an application to ensure the best user experience
  • Deployment options that range from appliances, software, and cloud instances to meet the changing environments of where and how applications are hosted
  • Acceleration and delivery optimizations that allow you to centralize and converge IT infrastructure, or move applications to the cloud, for lower total cost of ownership

"The improvement in user experience was so astonishing that users were willing to pay for the implementation of Riverbed out of their own pockets." — Deon Myburgh, Group ICT Operations Manager, Medi-Clinic Southern Africa

You depend on customer- and employee-facing applications to get business done. Poorly performing applications cost the business in lost revenue, lost productivity, lost customer and employee satisfaction, and degraded brand equity.

Taking a location-by-location, or application-by-application approach to application performance is expensive and complex. As applications become richer and more interdependent, application performance demands a more holistic approach. Riverbed’s Application Performance Platform allows you to host applications and data wherever it makes sense for your business, drive greater human and infrastructure efficiencies for lower TCO, and deliver the user experience that meets your business and brand objectives.

"Riverbed has transformed our business. Employees at our branch offices can now access the data and applications they need, our data is secure, and we have successfully implemented a document management system that is enabling greater collaboration between employees." — Vishal Sood, Information and Technology Manager, Perma-Pipe ME