Database Security

Unique to the industry, SecureSphere enables customers to optimize the deployment of database security solutions by combining remote assessment scans, agent-based monitoring and network activity monitoring. Agents can be used for monitoring local privileged activity exclusively, or for monitoring all database activity.

Key Capabilities

  • Audit all access to sensitive data by privileged and application users
  • Alert or block database attacks and abnormal access requests, in real time
  • Detect and virtually patch database software vulnerabilities based on Imperva ADC research – reducing the window of exposure
  • Identify excessive and dormant user rights to sensitive data
  • Accelerate incident response and forensic investigation with advanced analytics


SecureSphere Database Security Products

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

Delivers automated scalable activity monitoring, auditing, and reporting for heterogeneous database environments. SecureSphere helps organizations demonstrate regulatory compliance through automated processes, analysis, and reporting. SecureSphere accelerates incident response and forensic investigation with centralized management and advanced analytics.

Database Firewall (DBF)

Provides real-time database protection against internal and external threats by alerting or blocking attacks and abnormal access requests. SecureSphere provides ‘virtual patching’ for database software vulnerabilities reducing the window of exposure and impact of long patch cycles. DBF includes the auditing and analytics capabilities offered by DAM.

User Rights Management for Databases (URMD)

Enables automatic aggregation and review of user access rights. SecureSphere helps identify excessive rights and dormant users based on organizational context and actual data usage. Using URMD organizations can demonstrate compliance with regulations such as SOX, PCI 7, and PCI 8.5 and reduce the risk of data breach.

Discovery and Assessment Server (DAS)

Provides vulnerability assessment and configuration audits allowing users to measure compliance with industry standards and best practices. Data discovery and classification enable organizations to accurately scope security and compliance projects. With a combined analysis of sensitive data and vulnerabilities, SecureSphere helps prioritize and better manage risk mitigation efforts.

SecureSphere Database Agents

SecureSphere database security solutions utilize host-based agents to monitor and audit database activity, and eliminate monitoring blind spots. Agents can be configured for monitoring local privileged activity exclusively, or for monitoring all database activity. Combined with network activity monitoring, the agents enable an optimized deployment with minimal overhead.

SecureSphere offers specialized agents for monitoring mainframe databases (DB2 for z/OS) and iSeries (DB2/400).

Platform Coverage

Oracle, MS-SQL,IBM DB2 (including z/OS and DB2/400), Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Progress, Teradata and Netezza