Network Security

The market-leading family of FortiGate UTM, NGFW, and Data Center Appliances delivers high performance and advanced protection from sophisticated threats while simplifying your network. We offer FortiGate models from the entry-level UTM Appliances for small office and retail networks, through the mid-level Next-Gen Appliances for enterprise networks and high-end, High Performance Firewalls for large service providers and data centers.

Data Center Firewall, NGFW and UTM - FortiGate Appliances

Whether you need to deploy a High Performance Data Center Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a smaller UTM device for your Distributed Enterprise site or small business, there is a FortiGate physical or virtual appliance to fit your unique Network Security requirements. We combine the FortiOS™ Operating System with custom FortiASIC™ processors and the latest-generation CPUs to provide advanced protection from sophisticated, highly targeted attacks, without becoming a network bottleneck.

  • FortiOS enables you to choose from a broad range of world-class security capabilities and configuration options, anything from pure a High Performance Traditional Firewall to fully loaded next generation firewall to a complete Unified Threat Management device.
  • FortiGuard Lab's full portfolio of Integrated Subscription based Security Services were designed from the ground up to maximize protection and optimize performance across the full range of Fortinet’s security platforms.
  • FortiCarrier provides enhanced FortiOS security features specifically designed for 4G LTE Carrier and ISP Networks
  • FortiASIC processors deliver extremely High Performance, Ultra-low latency and unmatched scalability.

Fortinet’s Network Security Platforms can serve many different roles in your enterprise network:

  • High Performance Firewalls for Data Centers
  • NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) for the Enterprise Edge
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) for Distributed Offices



  • The industry’s fastest firewall appliance- 160Gbps throughput and multiple 40G, QSFP ports
  • NSS Labs “Recommended” Next Generation Firewalls with five times next generation performance
  • An integrated NSS Labs “Recommended” Breach Detection System (aka “sandbox”)
  • High switch port density and Power over Ethernet (PoE ) support on smaller UTM appliance delivers secure wired and wireless access and connectivity
  • Cloud-Ready – Multi-tenant/ Virtual Domain support, Support for VMware and all major hypervisors, APIs for rapid orchestration, fast integration with 3rd party ecosystems

Advanced Threat Detection Appliances

FortiSandbox is an Advanced Threat Protection solution designed to identify the highly targeted and tailored attacks that increasingly bypass traditional defenses. It is Recommended by NSS Labs. In independent NSS Labs testing, FortiSandbox demonstrated 99% Breach Detection effectiveness and detected the majority of breaches within one minute.

FortiSandbox, powered by FortiGuard, offers a unique dual-level Sandbox, inspection of all protocols and functions in one appliance and optional integration with your existing FortiGate Network Security infrastructure. It delivers highly effective protection against advanced threats that is affordable to buy as well as simple to deploy and manage. Complement your established defenses with this cutting edge capability; analyzing files in a contained environment to identify previously unknown threats and uncovering the full attack lifecycle.