Privileged Threat Analytics™

Features & Benefits

  • Detect and disrupt attacks with analysis based on user behavior, eliminating the dependence on prior knowledge of attack signatures or sandboxing

  • Dramatically shorten an attacker’s window of opportunity and reduce damage with accurate, real-time alerting of in-progress attacks

  • Enhance the value of existing SIEM solutions with out-of-the-box integrations

  • Reduce false positives by focusing on the critical privileged users, not shared accounts

  • Accelerate remediation with immediate access to detailed information about the attack

  • Adapt threat detection to a changing environment with self-learning algorithms that continuously adjust the baseline behavior profiles as the environment evolves

  • Improve auditing processes with informative data on user patterns and activities

  • View privileged user activity and anomalies in convenient, easy-to-read graphs and tables