AirWave Network Management

Visualize everything, everywhere

The AirWave VisualRF™ feature lets you see wireless coverage as well as how devices and apps are performing on the network. In addition to keeping SLAs in the black, you’ll resolve problems faster, reduce helpdesk tickets and make better-informed decisions.

Communicate and collaborate wirelessly

AirWave network management provides visibility into unified communication and collaboration (UCC) traffic on Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks™. Interactive dashboards let you correlate call quality with client and network health, monitor call diagnostics per device and view historical reports.

Scalability for the world’s biggest networks

AirWave clustering makes it easy to manage tens of thousands of network-connected #GenMobile users, devices, access points, controllers and wired infrastructures across multiple geographies and generations of multivendor networks

Wireless and wired rogue detection

Powerful AirWave RAPIDS™ adds considerable strength to network security and industry compliance efforts by detecting and locating unauthorized client devices, rogue access points, and attacks against the wireless and wired infrastructure.

Manage multiple generations of networks

Offering comprehensive visibility across the entire access infrastructure, AirWave manages multiple generations of networks from leading vendors – from fat APs to thin, and from legacy Wi-Fi gear to the latest 802.11ac wireless LANs.