Higher Resiliency and Efficiency. Application Awareness.

Yes, we can do the work of network packet brokers—and so much more. We also:

  • Transform and streamline network data to maximize performance and security
  • Reduce costs and extend the life of your tools by extracting extraneous packets and applications and load balancing
  • Eliminating single points of failure for maximum uptime
  • And helping you combat shadow IT and minimize non-compliant activities

The GigaSMART® suite offers:

  • Traffic Intelligence: NetFlow Generation, De-duplication, Advance Flow Slicing, Masking, TLS/SSL Decryption, Inline Bypass
  • Application Intelligence: Application Visualization, Application Filtering Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence
  • Subscriber Intelligence: 5G and CUPS Correlation, GTP Correlation, FlowVUE® Flow Sampling, SIP/RTP Correlation