Contrast Protect

Real-time Monitoring. Intelligent Response. Security Anywhere.

See into your application and protect it like never before.

Monitor Security like Performance

By being within the application itself, Contrast gives you visibility into the application like never before. Contrast Protect provides actionable and timely application layer threat intelligence across the entire application portfolio. Once instrumented with Contrast Protect, applications will self-report the following about an attack at a minimum – the attacker, method of attack, which applications, frequency, volume, and level of compromise. In addition, Contrast Protect also provides specific guidance to engineering teams on where applications were attacked and how threats can be remediated.

Monitor Anything in your Application Stack from Anywhere

Contrast Protect standard attack and event logging provides unprecedented clarity.  And, Contrast Protect Log Enhancement extends this capability into the inner workings of application and user behavior.  Log Enhancers enable users to log anything in an application and send that data to your log management or SIEM system of choice.

Contrast seamlessly integrates into any existing monitoring infrastructure.

Rapid Zero-Day Protection

In the event of zero day attacks, Contrast Protect virtual patching capabilities enable a rapid response to all affected applications. Administrators can quickly create and deploy patches within seconds. In addition, Contrast Labs provides instant guidance and quick product updates (CVE Shields) that can be effortlessly scaled to the entire application portfolio.

Smart Blocking

Contrast can discern the efficacy of an attack and the impact it could have on applications.  Effective attacks are blocked and ineffective attacks are logged. Contrast only intervenes when required, thereby minimizing the impact on baseline application behavior.

Scalable Protection for your Cloud Applications

With Contrast Protect, applications are protected regardless of where they reside. Contrast is embedded within the application, enabling the security measures to follow the application wherever it is deployed. No additional work is required to move or scale Contrast along with the application. And, no network configuration changes or new solutions are needed when migrating applications to the cloud or within the cloud.