ReSec Technologies

ReSecure Endpoint

The ReSecure Endpoint agent is deployed directly on end-users’ computers and integrates with most device control solutions. It allows users to access their removable devices through the ReSecure Endpoint agent without adding any risk to the organization.

Selected Files from the removable device are processed by the ReSecure Endpoint agent and sent to the ReSecure Platform. The ReSecure platform processes the files according to policy, and places threat-free replicas of the original files in a predefined folder on the network or on the user’s endpoint (as designated by the organization).

ReSecure Endpoint flow:

  1. End-user connects the removable device to the desktop or laptop.
  2. Network device control recognizes the device and activates the ReSecure Endpoint agent and UI.
  3. End-user chooses the files to copy to the endpoint computer.
  4. Once selected, ReSecure Endpoint fetches the files from the device, transfers them to the ReSecure Engine for processing according to the policy define by the Active Directory.
  5. A threat-free replica file is delivered to the predefined folder on the network or the endpoint.

Key Product benefits:

  • Prevents known and unknown (“zero day”) malware from penetrating the network via external drives and devices.
  • Users can open files safely without fear of malware penetration.
  • Use any removable device safely including thumb drives, mobile phones, and external drives.
  • Implement less restrictive corporate data policies without compromising security.
  • Quarantines original files for further reference or analysis.
  • Integration with best of breed device control and/or GPO (Group Policy Objects).