ReSec Technologies

ReSecure Mail

The ReSecure Mail gateway ensures threat-free emails, including both email body and attachments, are delivered to the end-users in real time. Installation is very easy both for on-prem and for cloud based mail services.

The ReSecure Mail agent receives and processes each email before it is delivered to the organization mail server. Emails are processed according to each user’s policy and the threat-free email is delivered to the organization’s mail server in real time.

ReSecure Mail Flow:

  1. ReSecure Mail receives the email.
  2. ReSecure Engine processes the email.
  3. Policy is enforced and verified with the Active Directory.
  4. A threat-free replica is generated and the original mail is stored in a special quarantined area.
  5. The threat-free email is sent to the organization’s mail server (on-premise or cloud).
  6. The email is delivered to the end user in real time by the mail server.

Key Product benefits:

  • Prevents known and unknown (“zero day”) malware from penetrating the network via email.
  • Users can open emails and attachments safely without the risk and fear of malware penetration.
  • Fully transparent experience for end users receiving replicated content with the same file type as original.
  • Protects all devices without client side installations.
  • Quarantines original emails for further reference or analysis.
  • Customizable according to group level policies.
  • Low IT resource requirements, easy to maintain.