Menlo Security

Phishing Isolation Service

Menlo Security’s Phishing Isolation solution eliminates credential theft and drive-by exploits caused by email attacks

While many anti-phishing solutions largely rely on user training—with limited success—some solutions have incorporated workflow to rewrite links in email so that potentially harmful sites are analyzed before a user is granted access. This approach is prone to false positives and more dangerously, false negatives, exposing many users—sometimes referred to as ‘patient-zero’—to credential theft when they directly access malicious or compromised sites.

Phishing Isolation with Menlo Security prevents phishing sites from delivering malware to endpoints and/or harvesting private information from users who click on phishing links. By isolating and executing user web sessions in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP), phishing sites can be rendered harmless, eliminating the threat of malware and preventing users from entering data into un-vetted sites. The solution integrates easily with existing email infrastructure, such as Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail, and maintains users’ familiar, intuitive email experience. It requires no endpoint software or browser plug-ins, and offers granular security policies based on users and group and which may be customized based on observable user behavior.

With Phishing Isolation, Menlo Security’s customers are eliminating patient zero, making credential theft a thing of the past.



  • Eliminates drive-by exploits and credential theft
  • Reinforces phishing awareness training with real-time, customizable, and dynamic end-user education messages
  • Simplifies security infrastructure, requires no end-point software or appliances, and easily integrates with existing mail server infrastructure
  • Protects every email user the instant it’s deployed